“I’m blessed.”

Roscoe is 91 years old. Each month, he scrimps to cover his rent, health insurance and medicine on what he receives through Social Security and a small union pension. He visits a Food Bank pantry in Ingleside, where he shared his story with us:

I came out to California in 1943 to work in the shipyards. I worked at Hunters Point, then I worked at Bethlehem Steel. That was down the waterfront, on 3rd and 22nd. I was a welder and a cutter, see, repairing the ships and replacin’ out the metal. The ships came in from the Philippines, from the war zone, and then we’d fix ‘em up here.
When my wife was around, she did the cooking. We were together for 64 years! All those years, I was blessed. She passed in 2001 – she was 84 years old.
Losing her, well, it was pretty bad. She was sick for so long, and I stayed with her at home. And one day, we had my grandson over here and she told him, “You take care of your granddad now. I’m going home.” Within a couple of months, she was gone. She had cancer. She was 84 when she passed. That’s pretty good. It’s a pretty good long life.

Now that I’m by myself, I cook for myself. I’m not too great of a cook because I never did much cooking for myself, but it’s pretty good. You see these greens here? I like to cook those up. Just boil ‘em. You get some salt pork to give it that flavor, you cook it all together, put salt and pepper in and that’s about the size of it.

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