Three 5-year-olds Raise Over $5,000! Can You Help?

"If we collect a big pile of money, can we throw it in the air?" Ethan, Emily and Sophia asked. "Sure!" their teacher replied. After raising over $5,000 to help feed those in need, they deserve to celebrate! See more photos in the slide show at the end of this story. (Photo by M. Pfeiffer)

It was a big day Thursday for 5-year old pre-school students Emily, Ethan and Sophia. They presented the money they’d raised by recycling cans (5,290 of them!) to the San Francisco Food Bank. Everyone celebrated at With Care Child Care, where graduating students always have to complete a community service project.

The three young fundraisers presented their “Big Money Jar” full of cash and checks to Food Bank Executive Director Paul Ash…

And held hands, while they announced in unison that they had raised “five thousand-three hundred-four dollars and five cents!” Then, as their proud teacher, Kathleen looked on, they told the crowd (again,  in perfect unison) that the amount they raised would provide enough groceries for 15,912 meals for hungry people…

Paul Ash thanked the students for their amazing accomplishment and presented them with certificates of thanks from the San Francisco Food Bank. Ethan, Emily and Sophia proudly posed with their certificates…

If you’d like to help make the amount these amazing 5-year olds raised even bigger, you can make a donation here. Specifiy “With Care” in the “Organization” field and we’ll make sure it gets credited to their grand total!

Here’s a slide show about Emily, Ethan and Sophia’s project and their celebration:

Slide show photos by M. Pfeiffer and S. Newman


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