Our Youngest Fundraisers Are At It Again!

Emily, Ethan & Sophia are determined to help feed the hungry (Photo by M. Pfeiffer)

Every year, the graduating pre-school students at With Care Child Care have to complete a public service project. Last year, 5-year old Phoebe decided to recycle soda cans and donate the money to the San Francisco Food Bank. Not only did she beat her goal of raising $1,000 – the story of her “really, really big” goal spread over the internet, and Phoebe ended up raising $20,000!

This year’s graduating class is at it again, writing letters and smashing cans. Emily, Ethan and Sophia haven’t set a monetary goal, but they do have a personal goal: to learn to work together. Here’s the letter they sent out asking for help:

If you’d like to help Emily, Ethan and Sophia fill their “big money jar” or add to the stash of cans they’re recycling for 5 cents apiece, please contact their teacher, Kathleen, at 415-550-7527. Or, you can make a donation on our website, using this special link. We’ll be sure that Emily, Ethan and Sophia get credit for your generous support of their cause!

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