Video: Jamie Oliver on Child Nutrition

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has become a passionate advocate for child nutrition. In this video from TED 2010, he gives a graphic demonstration of why we need to feed our children better:

We all need to fight for better child nutrition. In San Francisco, 25% of our children don’t know where their next meal is coming from.  Go here, to urge Congress to pass the Child Nutrition Reauthorization Act, which reauthorizes policy and funding for child food programs including School Meals, After-School Snack, and the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants & Children (WIC).

Jamie Oliver’s new television show, about remaking the eating habits of the “unhealthiest” city in the U.S. – including providing more nutritious school meals – begins airing tonight (March 26).

San Francisco Food Bank ‘Egg-static’ over large egg donation

Today, the San Francisco Food Bank received 88,650 eggs just in time for Easter from NuCal Foods. They were all  sourced locally from a farm in Petaluma, CA.  Fresh eggs are always a prized item for Food Banks due to their dense nutritional and high protein content.  And they’re one of the hardest food categories for food banks to acquire.

The eggs we got were slightly smaller in size than what’s generally considered most desirable by consumers.  But wggs of any size are very popular out at our pantries.  We recently spoke to an unemployed nanny at a pantry in the Bayview who told us that her kids love to eat eggs for breakfast.

This donation of over 7,000 dozen eggs from NuCal will help to feed the 1 in 4 children and 1 in 5 adults at risk of hunger in San Francisco.  They’ve already been sent out to our pantries, including senior centers and community centers serving large families.

6-Year-Old Phoebe Provides Nearly 120,000 Meals to Hungry San Franciscans

 When Phoebe Russell set out to complete her preschool graduation community service project, she set herself a goal she called “really big”.  At the age of five, she was determined to collect $1,000 to give to the San Francisco Food Bank.

Phoebe started by collecting empty cans to turn in for recycling money. She also created a hand-written letter asking for cash donations and distributed it to friends and family.  In just a few weeks, Phoebe collected 4,497 cans and raised a total of $3,736.30.  

As Phoebe’s crusade gained momentum, it caught both local and national attention.  Last June, all of the students at Phoebe’s preschool had a party to celebrate the achievement.  Press and parents alike were there to cheer Phoebe on, including Toan Lam from Go Inspire Go, an online community where people from around the world can connect and share inspirational stories.  Toan created a video capturing Phoebe’s story and submitted it to Tyson Foods.

For her hunger-relief efforts, Phoebe was selected as a Tyson Hunger All-Star. It is an honor that comes with a donation of more than 15 tons of Tyson protein products.  Today, Tyson Foods has joined Phoebe’s mission, by donating over 30,000 pounds of chicken to the San Francisco Food Bank.

Since Phoebe started her project last spring, the San Francisco Food Bank has received over $20,000 and over 30,000 pounds of food donations!  This is enough to provide close to 120,000 meals to those in need in San Francisco.

If a 6-year-old girl can feed thousands, imagine what the rest of us can do.

“I have to be strong.”

Casey's mom visits a pantry in the TenderloinCasey Walter (left) lives in a supportive housing facility in the Tenderloin with her mother, Jessie, and her siblings. Jessie shared her story with us in a recent interview:

I’ve lived here in the Tenderloin for three years. We were homeless and there was a lady officer who fought for us to get housed here in this building. It was myself and their father, my oldest girl Casey and my son Dylan. My youngest, Kayla, I had after we moved in here.

We had been living in Clear Lake and their daddy was working down here. Then, the trailer we were living in was red-tagged – that means it was declared uninhabitable. So we had to get out. And then we came down here and he was working and we were living in the car. He was working in a window factory. But then he got laid off.

I’m not going to lie to you. I’m on welfare. Their daddy left us and I couldn’t get a job. I went like, two or three months without anything and I couldn’t wait anymore, so I applied for welfare. I mean, I got my kids. I have to be there for them. I have to do it. I have to be strong for them. Because their daddy is gone. There’s no way he’s coming back. He’s in jail now.

It’s nice here, the people are really nice. But this is a terrible place to raise kids. My two oldest are school age and I need to get them out of this neighborhood. I need to get them away from everyone their daddy knows and the things they see.

I hope I can find a job as a waitress. That’s the only kind of job I’ve ever had. In the meantime, the food bank is really helpful. My little one really likes the carrots. That’s her favorite, she’s really into carrots right now. My son, he’s more into rice and bread and things like that. I try to piece things together for them that’ll make them all happy. Like tonight, I’m going to make sloppy joes. I got some sauce from the food bank here and I went to the store for the meat, and that should get us though the week.

What can I say? It’s just really hard to get by.

A Very Special “Thank You”

thank you from lynwood elementary school

Thanks to all of our volunteers, donors and supporters! Your help is making a huge impact out in the community.  We just received a wonderful note and some photos from one of our newest Marin County pantries in Novato. Jose, the volunteer pantry coordinator at Lynwood Elementary School, wrote:

Thank you San Francisco food Bank

Parents At Lynwood are So thankful with you and your help. It is so nice when We see all parents come and getting their food. specially in this though times when a lack of work is present, Please keep with  this program,I personally think that it is so great we have people like you God bless you. Please see the pictures I’ve taken for you.

thank you very much.

Thank you to everyone who is helping us make a difference in people’s lives!

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