Paula Deen Delivers 35,000 pounds of Smithfield hams and lunch meat to our warehouse!

“Good morning, y’all!!” Cooking superstar Paula Deen called out to our warehouse crew. She was visiting the San Francisco Food Bank, to bring us a tractor-trailer truckload of hams, lunch meats and other protein items. “The thought that a single child in this country might be going hungry is just devastating to me,” she said, telling the story of a time in her life when she needed help putting food on the table.

Paula delivered the much-needed food along with representatives from Smithfield, Safeway and the United Food and Commercial Workers Union – all sponsors of the program, which has donated to food banks around the country. Together, they formed a “bucket brigade” to unload hams, with Paula slinging a few through the air to food bank Deputy Executive Director Leslie Bacho (see the slideshow!).

The donation is particularly welcome, because protein is expensive and hard to come by. We’re thrilled to be able to provide our clients with these much-needed hams and lunch meat. But with 22,000 families visiting our pantries every week, it will be gone in no time!


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