40,320 lbs. of artichokes in today!

That’s over 20 tons of farm-fresh green globe artichokes – one entire tractor-trailer full.
All were unloaded, sorted by our warehouse staff and volunteers and will be out the door tomorrow.

Thanks to our hard-working crews of volunteers from PG&E and Bingham McCutchen LLP for helping to sort them!

6th Marin County Grocery Pantry Opens

Fresh produce ready for families at the new Marin pantry

San Francisco Food Bank opened our sixth Healthy Children’s pantry in Marin County this morning! Our brand new grocery pantry is at Hamilton Meadow Park Elementary School, in Novato.

More than 60 families participated in today’s distribution, and in the coming weeks we anticipate the number to increase at a steady pace. Families received onions, potatoes, mushrooms, pasta, turkey chubs (pre-packaged ground turkey), yams, cucumbers, oranges, turnips, chocolate milk and pre-bagged lettuce.

Families pick out food at the new Marin Pantry

The distribution took place in their auditorium, and all tables were provided and set up the night before by the parents and administrators. The groceries and produce were laid out on tables “farmers market-style” with signs indicating the amount of each item the families could take.

Hamilton Meadow Park Elementary School is located in the southern section of Novato, on the old Hamilton Air force base site, and is the stepping stone into the whole Hamilton community. There are 508 students enrolled, and nearly half – 241 students – come from families with incomes so low, they are eligible for free or reduced-cost lunch. This statistic alone allowed us to determine that Hamilton would be a perfect fit to the expansion of our Healthy Children’s Pantry program in Marin County.

Fresh produce ready for distribution at the new Marin pantry

Thanks to all the wonderful organizations on campus, such as the PTA (Parent Teacher Association), ELAC (English Learner Advisory Council) and SLC (Site Leadership Council) for assisting in the outreach efforts to inform, assist, and prepare the families at Hamilton for the initial distribution.

A special thanks to all the folks in the warehouse for all their hard work in making this possible. We tend to forget that without the folks in the warehouse collecting and organizing all the food that comes into the food bank, much of our efforts and work would never come to fruition.

Thanks to San Francisco Food Bank Program Coordinator Roberto C. Gonzalez for this report!

Anyone can lend a hand!

Here at the Food Bank, we’re often floored by the caring and creativity of the San Francisco community. Look at what one preschooler is doing to help her neighbors in need:


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