Meeting the need in Marin

The San Francisco Food Bank is reaching across the Bay to meet the need in Marin – just in time for the holidays. We’ve opened four new pantries at Marin elementary schools and community centers, targeting low-income families in San Rafael’s Canal District.

Parent and San Pedro Elementary schoolchild

In the first week alone, over 600 families were served at festive distributions featuring all the fixings needed for holiday meals. One school principal commented, “This couldn’t have come at a better time. A lot of our parents do domestic work or construction, so they’ve been hit pretty hard lately.” She continued, “This community, they have that value that everything you’ve got, you work for. They help each other out.”

Parent volunteers manning San Pedro Elementary School's first pantry day

True to her word, 40 parents turned out at San Pedro Elementary School on a cold morning in November to man the Food Bank pantry. Pedro, Alejandro and Roberto* helped unload the truck as their children raced around, hand-writing signs showing what was available that day: carrots/zanahorias, chicken/pollo; rice/arroz, and many others. By 9:00am, almost 150 families with schoolchildren in tow were waiting by the gate.

Granny Smith Apples, cabbage and oranges

The tables were decked with rice, sweet potatoes, apples, oranges, canned peas and corn, chicken and stuffing. No one left empty-handed. As the families filed back into the school with festive red bags full of food, one parent volunteer cheerfully encouraged them to return the following week and to bring the bag back with them to be filled once again.

*All names changed to protect identity

Jan. 19: A National Day of Service

President-elect Obama has declared January 19 a National Day of Service – will you heed the call?

Make 2009 the year you commit to helping in the fight against hunger. Volunteers play a vital role in ensuring there’s always food streaming out of the Food Bank and into the community. Winter citrus is plentiful and regardless of the season, we’ve always got senior food boxes to pack.

Volunteers help repack grapefruit

Contact our volunteer coordinator today to get involved.

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